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Get to know your money.

Plans is the revolutionary way to digitise your finances.

Get what you need faster, find out what you're worth and make life simple!

What’s more – it is now completely free to use.

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Capture your financial everything.

Plans is your own personal digital vault for your financial information.

Use it as the place to keep track of your financial products, assets and valuables.

Paperwork, meet your new home.

Plans is the place to keep everything in your financial world.

Store insurance certificates, savings statements, property details and much, much more...

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Instantly know what you're worth.

Knowing what you've got means you can plan for the future.

Plans uses intelligent instant valuations to tell you precisely where you stand.

Find essential information fast.

Plans has everything you need in an emergency.

You can quickly access reference numbers, contact numbers and policy details.

Why you'll love Plans

Life's too short to dig through piles of paperwork to find your information.

Get what you need faster, know what you're worth and make life simple!